Joseph Meldrum

Artist Statement

The images of Detroit in this series are photomontages, a process by which many small fragments of several different photos are superimposed on top of each other.  They are manufactured landscapes.

As the digital camera has become ubiquitous, it has transcended its position previously held as an ancillary device for conveying critical information to become almost exclusively the means by which events are communicated. Events are viewed with such an unparalleled degree of immediacy that they are perceived in fragments, committed to memory as a tapestry or collage. Photomontage elucidates this fragmentation of the social fabric to offer an alternative viewpoint, a way to examine things as a constellation of narrative threads. 

As a resident of the city these images operate as a quotidian aggregate, addressing the intersection of several narratives in Detroit.  This series deals with issues such as population decline, outsourcing, arson, socioeconomic relationships, and the return of nature amid a litany of urban attrition.


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